We believe in the power of team work and partnership.


At a glance...

Mission and Vision


    Changing lives and communities through training, treating and bridging gaps to bring wholeness to body and soul.
    Seeking to partner with U.S. medical supply companies, businesses, hospitals and clinics to give opportunities to doctors, nurses and volunteers to provide resources and education to underdeveloped communities. 
To support local families in bringing wholeness and health to the family unit. 


    Havilah Global is a non profit organization that exists to build relationships with people by training and sending a liaison and ministry team to build bridges that will result in whole lives and changed communities. 
    We have a passion for people to know their identity and to live their lives in a way that reflects that.
What We Do


Changing lives and communities through training, nurturing and bridging gaps to bring wholeness to body, soul and spirit.

    Support Families Through Adoption

    Havilah Global believes in the story of adoption.

    We work to bring support both financially and emotionally for families walking through the adoption process. We are not an adoption agency however we do consider the financial and emotional needs of each family based on a first come first serve basis.

      Gifts In Kind

      Havilah Global receives donations of overstocked items from many different types of businesses and locations.

      We consider the needs of individuals and families in the community and donate based on most urgent need. Our last overstock items received were donated to many households needing kitchenware, flooring and window dressings.

        Community Networking

        Havilah Global believes in the power of teamwork and partnership.

        Many hands make light work and resource connection is one of our passions.

          Family Wellness Counseling

          We long to see families living whole connected lives.

          At Havilah Global we strive to bring patience, listening ears, understanding, wisdom, guidance and truth to each appointment. We do not guarantee the steps of change, that is up to each individual who comes, we do however guarantee no judgement and solid belief that if you apply what you learn change will happen.



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